lsrdd – tool to output list of rdd(1) objects.


lsrdd DATA [options]
lsrdd DATA OBJECTS [options]
lsrdd [options]
lsrdd --help|--version


lsrdd prints given list of rdd(1) objects to output. The command does not write any files. Printed list contains names of end objects only, each one on new line. Empty lines and comments inside lists are not printed. Lists, including nested ones, are expanded and their filenames are not printed.

The conventions of rdd(1) apply here as well, including options, syntax, limits and environment. Refer to the head man page for their detailed description.

The changes, specific to dumprdd command, are as follows:

Options, concerning choice of functions, take no effect.

See also

rdd(1), rdd-howto(7), datardd(1), droprdd(1), dumprdd(1), make(1)