droprdd – tool to write down the script, constructed from rdd configs.


droprdd DATA [options]
droprdd DATA OBJECT [options]
droprdd [options]
droprdd --help|--version


droprdd constructs script, based on the rdd(1) configuration files, writes it to the file and prints the file name to stdout. Command does not launch resulting script.

The path to constructed script is formed by template:

is absolute path to the root of rdd working directory.
part of the path is constant.
is the name of an object in list. Its value is stored in rdd_atom_id.
dataword1, dataword2, ...
are the command words, given as DATA for rdd(1). These words, separated by comma instead of _ symbol, are kept in rdd_prf_entry variable.
is constant name for a dumped script.

The conventions of rdd(1) apply here as well, including options, syntax, limits and environment. Refer to the head man page for their detailed description.

The changes, specific to droprdd command, are as follows:

Options, concerning choice of functions, take no effect.
Second argument OBJECT is always interpreted as the single object name. If the list is given, a script is constructed for the first object in that list.

See also

rdd(1), rdd-howto(7), dumprdd(1), datardd(1), lsrdd(1), make(1)