srcdeb – extract package sources from directory with debian repository.


srcdeb [-o DESTDIR] [-l] [-d] REPODIR
srcdeb --help|--version


srcdeb searches REPODIR for source archives in debian format. Utility extracts everything to DESTDIR/package-one-1.0, DESTDIR/package-two-2.0 and so on. DESTDIR is ./var-srcdeb/ by default.

For each found package:

Original sources are extracted, if found. They contain .orig part in the name. Without original sources all other archives are extracted, which were found in package directory, and the work with a package ends.
Then debian-specific materials are added on top.
All patches are applied. If file debian/patches/series exists, files from there are searched in debian/patches/. If a file with part .diff in its name exists in package dir, it is applied as well.

Directories with sources are renamed to names, assigned for the debian packages. Such name is defined as name of the .dsc file, found in package directory, with following modifications:

part -N* at the end is removed, for example, -4 or -2+deb8u1;
symbol _ is replaced with symbol -.
The examples of naming:
apt_1. produces apt-
boost1.55_1.55.0+dfsg-3.dsc becomes boost1.55-1.55.0+dfsg.

-- token is used to separate options of srcdeb from argument directory REPODIR.


Set up directory DESTDIR to save extracted sources.
Default value is ./var-srcdeb/.
Save errors during the extraction to log file at DESTDIR/errors.log.
Pring messages from patch applying. They are omitted by default.
Print version and exit with 0 code.
Print short help description and exit with 0 code.

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