anyutils – the set of standalone utils, useful at package building or maintenance.


POSIX shell (Bourne compatible)
Set of baseutils: sed, egrep, find, sort, uniq
usedfiles wants >=strace-4.10
genpatch-git uses git to handle patches

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anyutils is the set of utils, useful at package building or maintenance.

binfiles reads list of files from standard input or arguments and outputs names of ELF binary files.

usedfiles is transparent wrapper around some command or script. After a command ends, usedfiles outputs list of files, which have been opened or executed during the finished process. That information can be used to determine the influence of host environment on target process. Module inside anymods uses this command to gather build dependencies for packages.

genpatch-git generates patches from git history, when project contains only partial set of files from original archive.

srcdeb extracts sources from directory with debian repository.


Available under ISC License.
Copyright 2017-2020 Random Crew.