devdoc – tool to generate documentation from Latex sources without Tex engine.


Base programs, conformant to POSIX.1-2008 standard, like shell (Bourne compatible), sed, grep, find and such.

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devdoc is the tool to translate simple subset of Latex markup language to readable formats, such as html or man. It uses extended latex2man script as the foundation. latex2man translates Latex sources directly into needed format with perl, and avoids real Latex rendering. Thus you may write and view results in Latex even without Latex distribution, such as TexLive (which is quite heavy). Just a little subset of Latex is available for such handling, but it is perfectly enough for plain documentation.

devdoc provides some additional procedures for mass translation of entire directories with documentation, usage of html templates and cross-references inside files.


To install devdoc into dedicated directory $HOME/rrr/ (default):
    $ ./

That is equal to:

    $ DESTDIR=${HOME}/rrr ./

To install somewhere system-wide:

    $ DESTDIR=/usr/local ./

Do not install directly to real system path like /usr with ./! Use separated directories for self-installed stuff. Install into working system with packages.


Available under ISC License.
Copyright 2017-2020 Random Crew.
Latex2man is shipped with LaTeX Project Public License, see License-latex2man.