any-howto – compilation of commands and tips to work with any engine.


All examples are demonstrated with amd64 dataset, for single package the name hello-world-1.0 is taken.

Working directory

Creation of working directory with commands installed:
        any settle my_dir
        cd my_dir

Creation of working directory with no commands installed:

        /path/to/ my_dir
        cd my_dir

Use target packages, coming along with working directory:

        any/bin/ --help
and follow format of


List all available packages:
        lspkg amd64

List the contents of somelist.src:

        lspkg amd64 somelist.src

Build the single package:

        any do amd64 hello-world-1.0

Build the list of packages somelist.src:

        any do amd64 somelist.src

View default available lists:

        cat ports/list/all.src


If any_pkg is not set, its default value is build/pack/amd64/.

Install the dependencies of hello-world-1.0 from /path/to/pkg and build hello-world-1.0 itself:

        any tree amd64 hello-world-1.0 any_pkg=/path/to/pkg

Install the dependencies for a package hello-world-1.0, absent in all.src:

        any tree amd64 hello-world-1.0 any_pkg=/path/to/pkg \

Install the dependencies, listed in needed-packs.src.

        any deploy amd64 needed-packs.src any_pkg=/path/to/pkg

Calculate full tree of dependencies for hello-world-1.0 and build everything:

        any buildtree amd64 hello-world-1.0


Add any_parameter to build:
        any do amd64 hello-world-1.0 any_parameter=value

Store any_parameter permanently:

        echo '
any_parameter = value' >> $(rootrdd)/rdd.def

Store any_parameter for amd64 only:

        echo '
any_parameter = value' >> $(rootrdd)/rdd.def

Advanced build

See all output on terminal, no logs are created:

        any do amd64,output hello-world-1.0

Turn off dependency handling, use shared context:

        any do amd64,staticdeproot hello-world-1.0

Add packages to shared context:

        any deploy amd64,staticdeproot needed-packs.src any_pkg=/path/to/pkg

Check the sanity of binary files in build/image/amd64/hello-world-1.0/:

        any do amd64,sane hello-world-1.0


binary files of hello-world-1.0, installed after successfull build.

directory with installable binary packages.

drop source tarballs here.

directory where build goes.

directory with anybuild and other dev resources.

lists with available packages and sets for current distro project.

drop patches for hello-world-1.0 here. Applied on top of sources from build/srcstatic/.

New package new-1.2.3

Create anybuild ports/packages/new-1.2.3/
Drop sources new-1.2.3.tar.gz to build/srcstatic/
Drop patches to ports/patch/new-1.2.3/
Add new-1.2.3 to all.src

See also

any-workdir(7), any-do(1), any-map(7), anymods(7), rdd(1), any-settle(1), any-deploy(1), any-tree(1), any-buildtree(1)