8.1. Package lists

It is possible to assign several packages at once in command line for the build.

any do default zlib-1.2.11,bzip2-1.0.6
They are given as the second argument of command any do, delimited with comma without spaces. There would be built two packages at the single build session in the example above.

For the work with large package sets one may write them into text files, which are stored in ports/list/. They represent package lists by one at a line. The comments with the symbol # at the beginning of a string and empty lines are allowed.

any do default pack.src
In the example above the build goes for packages from the file ports/list/pack.src.

Lists support nesting: they may contain another lists.

cat big-list.src


Lists may be united in command string as well:

any do default pack.src,more.src

The convention on file names: permanent lists end with .src, temporary or generated ones end with other extensions (for example, .txt) .