7.1. Launch and results for single package

Let's examine how to launch the build for the package zlib-1.2.11:

        any do default zlib-1.2.11
any do
is the command to launch the build.
is the name of used configuration.
is the name of the package to build (including version).

Data with build session will be printed. At the output the following will be seen: data on a build session, package name and build result. If the build has ended unsuccessfully, the path to the log with happenned events is printed. For the given example the log is written to build/log/amd64/zlib-1.2.11.log.

To output the build log not to a file, but to a screen, it is needed to add word output to configuration:

        any do default,output zlib-1.2.11

If there was no copy of main sources into the working directory, then the build will be terminated with FAIL status, and we will see messages in the log:

Source zlib-1.2.11 for zlib-1.2.11 has not been found.
+ src_config
+ ./configure --prefix=/usr
/bin/sh: 9: ./configure: not found

If you have got the prepared archive with sources of all packages in the project, unpack it to the working directory. You may also fetch the source archive zlib-1.2.11.tar.xz separately and place it into the ports/srcstatic/ dir.

Repeat the build with package sources available. If everything is set up allright, and you have compiler and base libc includes in your environment, the build should finish successfully. After the complete build the following will be found in the working directory:

the build/pack/amd64/zlib-1.2.11-x86_64-linux.tgz file, built installable archive with the package.
the build/image/amd64/zlib-1.2.11/ directory, where binary stuff of the package had been installed. That is the variable D inside anybuild text.
the build/work/amd64/zlib-1.2.11/ directory, where the build has taken place. Object files were compiled there, configure was launching. All intermediate data from the build lie here.
the file with the log build/log/amd64/zlib-1.2.11.log.