4.2. Installation of engine commands

If there are several projects, they are moving or several machines are in use, then it is more preferable to install commands permanently. The installation of engine into home directory, default prefix ~/rrr/:

Executables will be located at ~/rrr/bin/. To make them available for launch, the path ~/rrr/bin/ should be added to the variable PATH in the settings file of your shell. In common case it is the file ~/.profile, depending on used shell it could be ~/.zshrc, ~/.bashrc, ~/.kshrc and so on. Add the string to the end of the file:

For installation into another home subdir:

        ./install.sh DESTDIR=~/other/dir
The example above needs to add the path ~/other/dir/bin/ to the variable PATH in a similar way.

For installation into system directory:

        sudo ./install.sh DESTDIR=/opt/any
Executables will be located at /opt/any/bin/ for the example above.