Linux From Scratch is the step-by-step tutorial how to build your own Linux system. Here are the materials to do the same task with any engine.

Some highlights of the process:

The build is done as regular user, not root. This is true for toolchain (pass1), and for further build inside chroot as well. Permissions for chroot will be required. The installation phase will also require root privileges.
The result is packaged. That is, instead of direct installing of built results to the filesystem, binary packages are created first (in plain tar format). That requires some tricks (pseudo-packages instead of direct installation of system files).
Entire process is automated. As any engine handles builds of package lists, the build of package series is performed by single command. From the other hand, the build process may be done step-by-step, as in the original LFS book. All build scripts and procedures are actually the same shell, they can be repeated manually instead of serial launch. The main difference is in the usage of engine interfaces: functions and variables.

Build instructions

Download links

You may download source files of build environment for LFS with any. The single set allows to build any supported version of LFS, listed in section above.

Entire set of build engine, scripts and build files.


Available under the terms of MIT License.
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