3.6. Trial package build

The build of xz-5.2.5 package is performed with command:

        any do id xz-5.2.5
any do
the command to launch the build. any is the main executable, do is its subcommand. any includes different subcommands, do is the most plain of them: commit straightforward build task without additional activities.
the name of used configuration. It is used to read data from configuration files rdd.def and rdd.conf.d/*.
the name of package to build (including version).

The command will display data about building session, package name and build result. If the build has completed unsuccessfully, the path to log with details is shown to display. For the given example the log is written to build/log/amd64/xz-5.2.5.log.

To output the build log to the terminal instead of file the word output is needed in configuration:

        any do id,output xz-5.2.5

If the setup is right, and the environment has compiler and generic include files of libc library, the build should be completed successfully. The result has the following:

file build/pack/amd64/xz-5.2.5-x86_64-linux.tgz, which is built installable archive with a package. If you chose some package format during configuration, binary package name will vary.
directory build/image/amd64/xz-5.2.5/, where files of binary package are installed. The D variable in build listing contains that path.
directory build/work/amd64/xz-5.2.5/, where the build process took place. Here the script configure was executed and object files were compiled. All intermediate data of the build are located in the given directory.
file with the log build/log/amd64/xz-5.2.5.log.

The resulted package may already be installed into your OS environment. Still before that it is recommended to land some final touches on the settings, described in next sections.