4.3. Generated scripts

The system generates two main scripts during the build: dump.sh and calldump.

Script dump.sh contains all data from configuration files and included libraries from the build system. It does no actions on its own. After sourcing the script we get the shell session in the identical state to the one at package building.

Consider the building of xz package again:

        any do id xz-5.2.5
Generated script dump.sh would be located here:

The dedicated command to generate the script:

        droprdd id xz-5.2.5

Script calldump calls the actual building. It includes dump.sh inside and after that executes build functions. calldump may be called manually, it will repeat the effect of any command. For the example above it is located here:


The dedicated command to generate the script:

        callrdd id xz-5.2.5