2.1. Creation of working directory

A release of any in tarball format is the complete build system itself and at the same time it is prepared draft for working directory.

Download the archive with the release of any (https://opendistro.org/any/).
Unpack the archive:
                tar xzf any-<version>.tgz
Rename the directory into your project name dev_dir.
                mv any-<version> dev_dir
Get inside.
                cd dev_dir/

To use executables of any, path setup is required:

        export PATH=$(pwd)/rrr/bin:$PATH
The given command is needed in each terminal session, where you are going to do the building.

Installation of Any from package

It is possible to install any into your OS as common package. In that case its executables would be available from standard paths, and setup of the PATH for each session from the example above is not needed.

In case of system-wide installation of any new working directories are created from tarball similarly to the example above.