3.1. Basic settngs

All project settings are stored in file rdd.def and directory rdd.conf.d/. They are options in the form of key=value. Total set of options defines the matter of the build: toolchain, operating system, hardware architecture, format of a binary package and many more.

Locate the following strings in file rdd.def:

# [id]
# rdd_prf_id = any, amd64, gcc, linux
They match widespread configuration: hardware architecture amd64, compiler gcc, operating system of linux family. If given configuration corresponds to yours, uncomment config strings:
rdd_prf_id = any, amd64, gcc, linux

The examples of alternative configurations are in the same file. Among given examples you should choose single string from section id, which contains the option rdd_prf_id.

rdd_prf_id = any, amd64, clang, linux
rdd_prf_id = any, amd64, clang, openbsd

You may examine the config rdd.conf.d/build.conf with all alternatives. You may add your data in the similar way, for example, OS or hardware architecture. However, it is recommended for you to study the design of configs first:


Examples in this guide are composed with configuration:

amd64, gcc, linux